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Free Credit Repair to Buy a Home

It does not matter how low your credit score is you can buy your dream home in the near future. 

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Please take a moment to fill out this quick questionnaire. This will help us get you in the right direction for buying a home with our Free Credit Repair program. There is NO Credit Score Minimum for this program, and it's OK if you have had Bankruptcies / Foreclosures in the Past. It's not a matter of "If" you can buy a home, but "When" can you buy a home, and filling this questionnaire out will help us answer that question for you, and get you started on the path to Home Ownership!

What is your preferred method of contact?
What programs are you interesed in?
How soon are you looking to purchase a new home?
What is your estimated credit score?
Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or forclosure?
What is your approximate annual household income?



Build Your Credit While Building Your Home

Great Credit Is


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What Are You Waiting For?

The Home Team


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Schedule Appointment

Schedule an appointment with The Home Team to review your credit & develop a customized financial game to purchase your home.

Complete Credit Program

Begin and complete the necessary steps to improve your credit score and get approved for your home loan.

Purchase Home

Begin your home building process or work with one of The Home Team's Realtor partners to find your dream home. 

Sankey Credit Testimonial

Sankey Credit Testimonial

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